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"Rachel KNOWS her stuff. She is direct, to the point, honest and gives clarity on the recruiting process. In the recruiting process, you want someone who is knowledgeable and stays up to date with current information, and that definitely is Rachel and softballrecruiting.com!”

Amanda Scarborough

Softball Pitching Angel, ESPN Analyst, and Co-Founder of the Packaged Deal

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Amanda Scarborough Softball Pitching Angel


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  • STARTER EMAIL - What your 1st email to college coaches should say with an example!
  • MONTHLY PLAN - exactly what the college coaches are looking for email wise, social media wise, video wise and much more from you!
  • EMAIL UPDATES & TEMPLATES - When you should be sending emails to college coaches and what they should say (even in the off season)!
  • INSIDER INFORMATION -  learn what college coaches are thinking each month!

  • BUILD RELATIONSHIPS How to continue to build relationships with college coaches so you do not have to introduce yourself when you meet them (or attend camp)!

  • QUESTIONS ANSWERED - If you have a question, you are probably not the only one!! Put your question in our comment box and we will get back to everyone in 48 hours! 
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With her umbrella brand Rachel Coleman Sports serving as a hub for her numerous business ventures, Rachel continues to push the envelope and stay influential in the softball community in several capacities:
Rachel’s drive to teach and help teammates and student-athletes alike succeed both on and off the field has not only granted her accolades and positions of leadership — it has enabled her to inspire, educate, and pave the way for new generations of softball players.

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