Softball Recruiting Process

Learn the recruiting process from start to finish and all the secrets on how to earn a scholarship from a college coaching perspective! 

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Coach Rachel Coleman

Former Division I Coach (Kennesaw State - Assistant, Tennessee - GA, &  Delaware - Assistant) and DI Student-Athlete educating student-athletes, parents and travel ball coaches on the entire recruiting process.

"Many other recruiting services tried to recruit me to sell their services, but I just could not sell something I do not believe in. When I was a college coach, I would delete the emails from these services and payed attention to the student-athletes who were doing the work themselves. You work so hard at your skills with practice and lessons, it is time to turn your game into a scholarship!! My goal is to educate every family on how to successful navigate the recruiting process with ease and teach you exactly what you should be doing in order to be recruited by your dream schools!"

"I’m so grateful to have learned the proper recruiting process through Rachel Coleman. This past year she has helped guide me through the recruiting process and answered my countless questions I had about it. Without Coach Rachel, I would not be where I am today and had the opportunities I have experienced! I am forever grateful for having Coach Rachel guide me through the process and helping me get recruited! "

Izzy Alley - 2021
Chattanooga University




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